How It Works

Paralegals, Administrative and Virtual Assistants are the best solution to saving your time and effort in carrying out everyday business activities. It may seem difficult while determining your virtual needs and selecting the right candidate to work for you. Getting a legal support team is very easy, as they all can be contracted and can work as freelancer. Just contact us with your inquiry and our customer services will get back to you with a solution so you can start using our services the day you hire our legal support team to go to work for you.

  • A personalized experience

    With a team of qualified and skilled professionals, coming from different business backgrounds, we make it possible for you to get a personalized experience with our virtual assistants. Our legal support team is amazingly clever and they will assist you based on your personalized plans; whether you require specific hours, specific tasks or for full-time duties. We will make sure to assist you in the best possible way.

  • Meet your assistant before you sign up

    A partnership between an executive and assistant can bring supreme benefits, therefore, we aim to bring them together. We will make sure that you meet your assistant before hiring them. After determining your needs, we will suggest the best candidate who meets your criteria. We will setup a meeting between you and our assistant to make sure all your doubts are cleared. The meeting will break the ice and the interview process can take place where discussion of guidelines and other responsibilities will help you eliminate any possibility of errors.

  • Flexible plans to fit your budget

    Xclusively 4 U Document Services legal support team rate fees are very cost effective when compared to full-time employees. Our fee structure is very flexible when it comes to customer’s unique demands. Our paralegals and assistants can be hired for a specific number of hours in a day, week, and/or month. These purchased hours can be distributed over the weekends or weekdays as per your convenience.

  • 200% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Satisfied customers lead to more customers. We provide a 200% satisfaction guarantee when you hire from our advanced pool of paralegals, administrative assistants or virtual assistants. Our assistants are highly qualified and experienced professionals with extended knowledge in various fields. Our priority is to find the right individual whose qualification and experience meet the criteria of your business activities. To ensure the satisfaction, our team are consistently monitored and checking for accuracy while they are carrying out your work in respected hours. All detailed feedback from customer concerning our powerful team helps us determine the satisfaction level of the services we perform.

  • Start working together

    “Let our legal team be your support backbone”. Starting together is not difficult; actually, it’s very easy. Our legal support team will start to work from the day you hire them. We would be more than happy to receive a call from you. Call us to meet our team and discuss how we can best help you and fulfill your requirements. Once we receive your inquiry, we will set up a meeting for you with our professional to discuss the possibility of working together.

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