Legal Disclaimer

Xclusively 4 U Document Services is not a law firm. We can not give you legal advice, opinions, or recommendations; solely, we do not engage in “Unauthorized Practice of Law”-UPL. This is to state, that any information provided by brochure, website, mailing or otherwise is not legal advice and should not be construed to be legal advice. Who we are and what we do is operate within a freelance paralegal scope as a legal document preparation firm (for business or personal use). There are no guarantees as to the outcome of a case based on the services provided by our firm. Ethically, we disclose to you any relationships which may give the appearance of impropriety. Although we can prepare or provide legal documents without an attorney’s supervision; namely, our purpose is to provide paralegal support under the supervision of a licensed attorney in successful standing with their state’s bar association.

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