About Us

Xclusively 4 U Document Services is an on-site as well as online Outsourcing Company based in (Desoto County, MS & Shelby County, TN) providing a wide array of decisive business-to-business, legal document drafting, financial and personal resources to successfully meet your needs. As an asset, in-house we’re equipped with an of team robust and highly certified Administrative Assistants, Commissioners of Oath, Legal Document Assistants, Paralegals, and Virtual Assistants waiting for you to use at your disposal. In today’s globalized world, instant access to virtual assistants can be gained from anywhere in the world. Our powerful team provides exceptional services to attorneys, individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses with high volume workload; in an effort, to free up a vast majority of your time.

Xclusively 4 U Document Services creates customized tailored specific project plans and it helps us meet the distinctive demands of our clients individually. Our customized project plans provide different skill levels and flexible working hours that are required for a variety of business activities. Document Drafting & Preparation Services are our specialties and it is what you will find us most accredited for. Additionally, we have an extensive list of documents and form index that we can easily draft for you or you may choose from or Self-help form index. Our mission is to put you ahead of all your projects and to help you save money and time for the activities you love doing by alleviating your stress level. Either it can be core business activities or spending time with family without worrying about your deadlines. Our emphasis is always on providing cost-effective and efficient virtual solutions to get customer satisfaction. We continuously improve our work processes and services to meet the unique demands of clients. We follow a total quality management program to provide our customers with efficient and effective assistance that lead to customer satisfaction. Our assistants are continuously monitored while they work for you to reduce the probability of errors and to make sure you get what you are paying for.

‘’Need an Assistant? Give us a call or send us an email to get connected with one!’’

Our Team

Our successful organization is backed by hardworking, loyal and ethical team members. Speaking of ethics, our Legal Document Assistants, Paralegals, and Virtual Assistants are members of an elite association; whereby, we adhere to the highest standards in ethics. We are proud and honorary members of the American Bar Association-ABA, American Alliance of Paralegals-AAPI, Administrative Consultants Associations-ACA, International Association of Professional Virtual Assistants-IAPO, American Association of Notaries-AAN and National Notary Association-NNA and all amongst others. For these purposes, we are actively involved in advanced training; so, that, we remained ahead and updated on all new federal and state implemented laws, policies, procedures and regulations. All in all, online integrated system keeps us all together in innovating and providing better solution to your projects.

We are more than happy to introduce our splendidly audacious team members to you, scroll down to go through our team member’s profile in their roles of “Becoming Your Legal Backbone”.

Sharon Mari Hall Senior Corporate Paralegal, Commissioned Notary Public (888)587-6599 Ext#501
Mary A. Mitchell Client & Relationship Executive, Legal Document Assistant (888)257-6599 Ext#502
Kiara S. Mitchell Director of First Impressions, Administrative Assistant (888)257-6599 Ext#504

Aa’Liyah V. Mitchell HR Mgr, Senior Administrative Assistant (888)257-6599 Ext#504
Ernest E. Hall Financial Portfolio Advisor, Commissioned Notary Public (888)257-6599 Ext#505
Corderrick K. Mitchell Senior Payables & Receivables Analyst (888)257-6599 Ext#506


Why Choose Us, it’s very simple! “We offer a place where all your significant business needs are satisfied”. Are you worried about a deadline? Or can’t afford a full-time in-house employee! Don’t worry we are here to meet and exceed all of your requirements. Let’s not forget, we’re heavily accoladed and will provide robust service to all your projects, “SO LET’S GET STARTED”.


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